Humphreys Hills The Castle is a townhouse with about 150 generations. It is located very close to the Camp Humphreys unit and is a private and safe residential complex.

There is a promenade in the complex and a swimming pool for children. There is also a barbecue area outside.

Humphreys Hills the Castle is in Songwha-ri, Pyeongtaek-si near Camp Humphreys. It is 1.43 miles from the Hamjeong-ri gate and 3.18 miles from Dodu-ri gate.  In addition, due to changes in the main gate and the change in access time, the Dodu-ri Gate (24-hour open) has excellent access. Also, there are many convenient facilities, such as shopping malls, Golf field, PX, restaurants, schools, sports club, and so on, if you pass through Dodu-ri Gate.

House details

  • Name of the house : Humphreys Hills The Castle
  • Type of House : Pent space villa.
  • Size 1,843.2 sq. ft. (51 Pyeong) / Pent space and terrace.
  • Room : 4
  • Bath : 3
  • Parking space : 2
  • Cable & Internet, CCTV, Air-conditioners,etc
  • Rental Fee
    • Yearly Pay : $42,000 ~ (Utilities are included)
    • (The rental fee is based on the currency exchange rate, $1:KRW1200.)
    • (The rental fee can be changed according to the currency exchange fluctuation.)

※ Living room + kitchen + laundry room.

※ Bathroom + guest room

※ Master room + Dress room + Bathroom

※ Small room 1 (Multiple layer) + small room 2 (Multiple layer)

※ Pent + terrace.

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