Humphreys Hills – Close to CPX and Hamjeong-ri Gate of Camp Humphreys

Humphreys Hills the Castle will consist of 150 homes (at present however the town will be 249 homes). There are basically two types. Type A is a small size, and Type B is a large size.  Of the 150 homes, type A is 49 homes, and the rest is type B. This town will be popular because of the distance from Camp Humphreys Gates, Play Ground, BBQ Place, Guard room where professional security personnel reside, etc. Also, A Convenience store, A cafe and a dry cleaner, a gym, and so on will be in the town.

Humphreys Hills the castle location

Humphreys Hills the Castle is in Songwha-ri, Pyeongtaek-si near Camp Humphreys. It is 0.56 mile from the CPX Gate, 1.4 miles from the Hamjeong-ri gate and 3.16 miles from Dodu-ri gate.  In addition, due to changes in the main gate and the change in access time, the Dodu-ri Gate (24-hour open) has excellent access. Also, there are many convenient facilities, such as shopping malls, Golf field, PX, restaurants, schools, sports club, and so on, if you pass through Hamjeong-ri and Dodu-ri Gate. Moreover, through the CPX Gate, it is the fastest way to the hospital inside the base.

House details

  • Name of the house : The Humphreys Hills the Castle – Type(A)
  • Type of House : Villa (Town House)
  • Size and Floor – Type(A) / Garden Floor
  • Room : 4
  • Bath : 3
  • Parking space : (Underground) 1.5 cars
  • Cable & Internet, CCTV, Air-conditioners, Sofa set, Beds, Washing machine, Drying Machine, Dishwasher, Over Range, etc
  • Rental Fee
    • Yearly Pay : $42,000 ~ (Utilities are included)
    • (The rental fee is based on the currency exchange rate, $1:KRW1200.)
    • (The rental fee can be changed according to the currency exchange fluctuation.)

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