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First Vill with an attic room – Rental House near the Gate of USAG-Humphreys

😎 Let’s watch the video first.

Today, we will be introducing you to a popular place called First Vill.

This multi-family residence has excellent geographical conditions and specifications preferred by U.S. Service members.

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Shall look at the geographical conditions to see why this place is popular?

This townhouse is located in Daesa-ri Paengseong-eup Pyeongtaek-si, which is about 6 minutes drives from Anjeong-ri and Walk-in gate; approximately 2.5 km(1.55mile).

First Vill is approximately 5 minutes’ drive from a place called Asan Techno Valley with almost 5000 residences with many commercialized facilities and 10 minutes from Pyeongtaek train and subway Station/AK PLAZA.

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And you can say one of the key points of this place is the on-post school bus stop is operated nearby because many residents are residing in this complex.

So you can be worry-free during school commute hours.

This residence has great living conditions such as short commute distance from base, the convenience of utilizing many business districts and metros nearby for the U.S. Force members and civilians (GS/GG).

Next, we will be showing the special features of the building structure.

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First Vill is a split-level home with a total land area of 6,251 square feet and building area of 6,120 square feet, each residence is 1,530 square feet.

Within the village with great layout, you can see the exterior of this sturdy building built with the rocks and bricks.

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This distinct building is a multi-family home with an elegant gable roof, terrace, and grassy front yard.

Generally, each First Vill building has 4 residences, 2 with a front yard and other 2 with an attic.

You can access the residence with attic by using the stairs on both sides of the building and there is 6 parking spaces available next to the stairs.

First Vill(usfklife)

Today you are viewing the house with attic, which starts from the second floor of the building.

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This unit has a kitchen, laundry room, dining space, living room, four bedrooms, and two bathrooms; most of all amazing attic with huge space.

You can see the shoe cabinet as soon as you open the front door. Plenty of shoe storage spaces for a small family.

There are two bedrooms and a bathroom on the first floor of this unit.

The bathroom on this floor is adequate enough for future guests for a short stay and is located near the front door for your convenience.

The first bedroom on this floor is adequate size with a balcony and built-in wardrobe.

The second bedroom is slightly bigger and has its own A/C unit and balcony.

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The second floor (as the main living area) consists of a living room, dining space, kitchen, laundry room, two bedrooms, and a bathroom.

You can see an open space living room with a balcony once you enter the second floor; you can see the countryside landscape through the glass doors.

Basic appliances such as a TV, Intercom and AC are furnished for your comfort.

From the living room, you have direct access to the dining area and the kitchen.

The dining area has a marble-top table with 6 chairs on top of a carpet.

A china cabinet next to the dining table is convenient during your meal time for plate setup.

This kitchen already has all the basic appliances such as refrigerator, water dispenser, gas stove/oven, and dishwasher are available for your convenience.

The laundry room is right next to the kitchen so you can operate your washer when you are preparing a meal for your family.

There is a window in the laundry room for air circulation.

We should go check out the master bedroom.

This master bedroom has A/C, ceiling fan, and one side of the wall as a built-in wardrobe; and the master bathroom has plenty of spaces and a waterfall shower head and tub.

The last bedroom has enough for you to utilize as your office or small workout space.

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Now shall we head up to the final piece of this unit, the attic?

Oh, WOW!!! Look at this additional space available in the attic. This attic is whole another floor added to this unit. Under the gable roof, there are two windows available here in this attic to give additional light.

The attic is like a gift from this home; with a warm and cozy atmosphere to make your everyday life enjoyable.

All the devices and/or furniture on this attic are here (such as a charming sofa, bench, table, carpet, projector, and screen for projector) as part of the unit when you purchase or rent this unit.

You can use this attic as your quiet reading room and enjoy the sunlight from a window, children play area or even family movie room since most furniture and devices are in place ready to use.

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House details

  • Name of the house : First Vill 
  • Type of House : Villa (2-story style)
  • Size : 1,494 sq. ft. (42 Pyeong)
  • House Number : 201
  • Room : 
  • Bath : 2
  • Parking space : 1.5 
  • Cable & Internet, CCTV, Air-conditioners, Refrigerator, Stove(Oven) Range, Microwave, Water Purifier, etc (Full Furnished Available)
  • Rental Fee :
    • Monthly Pay : $1,700 ~ (Utilities are not included)


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