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  • Hills Town : Village created with beautiful view of lake, modern and firm interior design 

Hills Town is a brand-new rental house and will consist of 25 houses (at present 7 houses). Each house has 5,693 sq. ft. (160 pyeong) of land and 2,135 sq. ft. (60 pyeong) of house size. And there are four bedrooms and three bathrooms in a two-story structure. Also, there is a garage where two cars can be parked.

hills town (5)hills town (7)

Hills Town is located in Yeongin-myeon Asan-si Choongcheongnam-do. This village is most popular residential area that is nearby Camp Humphreys. Because it has the fabulous views of Lake/water reservoir and mountain. It is only 14km from USAG Humphreys’ Dodu-ri Gate, 15 minutes drives from village to the gate.


House details

  • Name of the house : Hills Town
  • Type of House : 2-story house
  • Size : 2,135 sq. ft. / 60 Pyeong
  • Room : 4 (1st floor : 1 / 2nd floor : 3)
  • Bath : 4 (1st floor : 1 / 2nd floor : 2)
  • Parking space : 2 cars(Garage)
  • CCTV, Air-conditioners, Dishwasher, refrigerator etc
  • Rental Fee :
    • Yearly Pay : $34,800 ~ (Utilities are included)
    • Monthly Pay : $2,660 ~  (Utilities are not included)

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This Village entrance has a-drop arm barrier gate which limits the non-residential access. Hills Town has 2 different parking lot selection, one with a garage and one with open top parking spaces. You can see magnificent modern style building with amazing front yard and additional space for multi-purpose outdoor activity above your garage once you climb up this fantastic stone stairs.

hills town (4)

Space above the garage is built with bricks.

It is a great space to utilize as a picnic area if you place some tents or tarp, and picnic table. Front Porch looks very luxurious and sturdy because it is built with solid bricks.


This house is 3 stories high and has living room, kitchen, Dining area, laundry room, 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms.

First Floor

You can see the kitchen decked with achromatic tone once you move into floor. Most kitchen appliances such are Gas Stove/oven, Refrigerator, electronic stove, Dish Washer and garbage disposal are already placed within this kitchen/furnished. They even have an Island counter top with sink and electronic stove. This Island counter-top gives you advantage of facing the dining area and front of the building while you cook. Next to the kitchen, there is laundry room with washing machine and dryer; even has a window for air circulation. Dining area and living room are separated.

hills town (8)hills town (11)hills town (12)hills town (23)

Living room has a wall fully decked with glass doors to enjoy the outdoor view and sunlight. Each glass door has separate blinds. First floor even have a guest room that can enjoy the outdoor view. This guest bathroom have shower booth.

hills town (13)hills town (15)

Second floor

Look at this fabulous family room!!! It has great view and amazing sunlight reflection. Now we are heading to master bedroom. It has master bathroom with tub and walk-in closet. This individual family bathroom also have shower booth. And second room on second floor have a balcony that faces the lake/water reservoir. And this third room have corner windows installed on two walls to maximize the sunset view.

hills town (28)hills town (29)hills town (31)hills town (37)hills town (40)hills town (42)

You can access rooftop once you open this door. This rooftop have beautiful lake view since it is so high up. This space can be utilized in many different ways.

hills town (45)hills town (47)

Hills Town have following specifications.

First, There is a lake and a mountain that give you beautiful village scenery.

Second, this home’s interior is very refined and it is very sturdy since it is built with high quality materials

Third, Many single family homes nearby create the small community appearance.

Fourth, make your life very convenient since all appliances are already in place.

Last but not least, it has the advantages of using wide garage and third floor rooftop.


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