The Park Hill is located in Wonjeong-ri, near Camp Humphreys. Park Hill consists of tens of homes for U.S. Military.


The Park Hill was built recently.  It takes only 1 minute by car from New Main Gate(Dongchang-ri Gate). Dongchang-ri gate opens 24 hours / 365 days.


Also, near the area, there will be 2 big Parks(Naeri Munhwa Park[coming very soon] & Dumulgangsup Park[under planning]), and along the river, there is a cycle road for several miles.

내리문화공원2 (2)Anseong River Cycle Lane (5)Anseong River Cycle Lane (4)Anseong River Cycle Lane (2)Anseong River Cycle Lane (1)

Moreover, it takes 20~30 minutes by car to Osan U.S. Air Base(Songtan Shopping & tour town).


House details

  • Name of the house : The Park Hill
  • Type of House : Villa
  • Size : 1,494 sq. ft. (42 Pyeong)
  • Room :  
  • Bath : 2
  • Parking space : 2 cars
  • Solar electricity system(3KW), City Gas, Cable & Internet, CCTV, Air-conditioners, etc
  • Rental Fee :
    • Monthly Pay : $1,600 ~ (Utilities are not included)
    • Top Floor : $1,650 ~ 



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